Hi, I'm Anna!

As the founder of “Try it,” I fulfilled my dream of founding my own start-up in 2021. I completed my nutrition and food science studies at the University of Bonn and could hardly wait to pass on all my knowledge to children and young people. I had a lot of fun working with children then, as I do now. It was so important to me that children can discover the joy of cooking , either with the book at home or in a class with me.

I am both the author and the voice of “Try it.” Everything that can be found in the book, whether photos, drawings, recipes and so much more, was created by myself. I captured my love for creative and healthy cuisine with a lot of nutrition-related knowledge in this project. In my courses I love celebrating the shared cooking experience with fun and creativity .

I grew up in the countryside, with vegetables from my own garden and freshly cooked food from my mother. As a child, I was in the kitchen from an early age, and that has influenced me to this day! Regionality, sustainability and healthy eating are very important to me and I would like to pass all of this on to the next generations.

  • Female Founder

    As a founder, I like to talk about female empowerment and the relevance of mental and emotional health in starting a business. I have positive vibes and real talk! And plenty of Denglish. ;-)

  • Meditation teacher

    In my free time I like to lead meditations and fantasy journeys. I love combining the topics of mindfulness and food and pay attention to holistic health .

  • adventurer

    One of my great passions is traveling ! I prefer to be out in nature , whether it's mountains or sea, warm or cold. For me, getting to know other cultures and trying the local food is part of every trip.

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