Children's cooking courses

I offer cooking and baking courses mainly for children and young people. Over the last three years, I have looked after a diverse mix of children from daycare to young adults in my courses and created unforgettable memories in a variety of places. The focus was always on having lots of fun, pleasant interaction and healthy eating. In each course, new creative creations are made, new dishes/foods are tried and then everyone goes home full and with a big grin on their face!


Cologne-Bonn region



larger projects also nationwide

Plan a children's cooking event

Many of my cooking courses are organized by an organization/club or similar, which means I come to you and cook/bake with the kids at your location. We come up with an individual program and spend between 3-6 hours together. This is ideal for holiday fun events, weekend events or special workshop days!

Inquiries can be sent via the contact form and I will then get in touch with you! I look forward to hearing from you!

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Cooking at a child’s birthday party

Every year the question comes up again: What can you do for a child's birthday? A cooking party is great fun, keeps them busy and the kids prepare the food themselves. Relaxation for the parents and an experience for the kids! I'll come to you and we'll cook a 3-course meal together.

You are welcome to send an inquiry via the contact form .

  • Cooperation with TK

    Funding applications for preventive health measures can be submitted to TK throughout Germany, so we can learn about healthy nutrition together.

  • Lecturer for health courses

    For me, as well as for the health insurance companies, it is important to sustainably improve the health of ourselves and those around us. To this end, we are working on special health courses in the area of ​​nutrition.

  • And how does it work?

    If you are interested in a funding measure, please feel free to contact me. Information for schools and the like can be found here .