Das Bild zeigt eine Taco Bar, die bei einem Kochkurs für Kinder in Siegen zubereitet wird.

Cooking course for children in Siegerland

Send your child on a culinary adventure with Anna's cooking course for children in Siegen and the surrounding area!

Here children learn about healthy eating in a playful way, are introduced to cooking and baking with children's chef Anna and can give free rein to their creativity.

If you are looking for an educational and entertaining activity for your child, then a children's cooking class is just the thing. By cooking together, primary school children, young teenagers and even kindergarten children learn how easy healthy eating can be and how much fun a day in the kitchen is.

What are the benefits of a cooking class for children?

  1. Promote independence: During the cooking class, children gain valuable knowledge about food, kitchen equipment and basic cooking techniques. These skills increase their confidence and independence. This makes cooking with the family easier too!
  2. Culinary adventure: The children discover a variety of delicious dishes and treats. From simple snacks to original desserts, children learn how to use fresh ingredients to create tasty treats that are healthy and wholesome. Cooking with children also works with vegetables and new recipe ideas.

  3. Creative development: Under Anna's guidance, the children are encouraged to explore their creativity in the kitchen. The colorful ingredients and exciting recipes inspire little chefs to create their own culinary masterpieces, allowing them to create their own variations of the dishes.

  4. Understanding healthy eating: In a relaxed and friendly environment, children learn the importance of eating a balanced diet. You will learn how delicious meals can be prepared from healthy ingredients. Through the vegetarian dishes, the children in the cooking class learn how simple and delicious a meat-free and sustainable diet can be.

For a special experience in Anna's children's cooking school you will find various courses in Siegen and the surrounding area. A cooking class for children can be a great idea for the holidays, a child's birthday or as a weekend activity.

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